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Everybody knows that human health depends on the air quality in a residential or public building. If you care about your and your family’s health and you want to create an ideal microclimate in the building, install the best ventilation system you can.

Do not forget that the level of the comfort in the room, as well as the terms of its further exploitation, depends on the quality of installation of the ventilation system.

We understand the need of the professional installation of ventilation units, this is why we offer you the assistance of highly qualified specialists in proper selection of the equipment, professional designing, qualitative installation and service maintenance of ventilation systems.

In order to prevent all kinds of possible damages which can cause the emergency state of the ventilation system, you have to remember that your ventilation unit needs periodic examination. The main point of the examination is cleaning heat exchangers, air valves, drainage system, replacement filters, etc.

That is why the Climate Gold Ukraine company offers the maintenance service which includes:

  • decontamination of air valves, heat exchangers, water and freon cooler, rotary heat exchanger and fans;
  • checking the drainage system and the density of the air valve closure;
  • checking the security of heat exchangers from freezing and electric heating from overheating;
  • checking and adjusting the belt tension of the rotating heat exchanger and fans, as well as checking the condition of their bearings (their lubrication, if necessary);
  • checking the resistance of the winding insulation and wires of electric motors, as well as verification the absence of lubricant leaks;
  • replacement for the new filter of the same class;
  • control and decontamination of surfaces of sound-absorbing wings of sound-suppressing unit;
  • control the noise level of the engine and electric motor bearings;
  • full checking and configuration of device settings.

The installation and service price of the ventilation system is individual because the final price depends on particular features of the specific project, the level of efforts, the constructive complexity of the object and many other factors.

We work only in Kyiv and across Kyiv region.

All information on the cost of the installation work, the calculation of ventilation systems and the equipment offered by our company is available by the following telephone numbers: (044) 221-03-12; 221-03-14; 529-71-36; 529-69-33.

(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80