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You have decided to repair the kitchen or bathroom, but you have no idea how to install the sanitary ware? If you have problems with installation of sanitary ware, the Climate Gold Ukraine company will be glad to help you with its solution.

For proper installation and repair of the sanitary ware it is necessary to have some knowledge in this area, practice and special equipment. That is why it is better to contact only experienced masters who can take care of proper installation of the sanitary ware.

These are the plumbers that work at our company. They are ready to solve any problem with installation operatively and efficiently, as well as the issues related to the malfunction of any plumbing devices.

In addition, the Climate Gold Ukraine company has all required permissions and licenses for plumbing works and provides you with the 1-year guarantee for all executed work.

We offer two options of payment:

  • hourly payment, when the master does the required amount of work, specifying the execution time (payment per 1 hour is 90UAH,  per 2 hours – 180UAH);
  • fixed payment, when the master does the approved work for a fixed payment, regardless of the time (to determine the amount of payment, contact our dispatchers).

Tip: hourly payment is more convenient for doing simple tasks, fixed is better for the difficult work which requires a very long time.

Our specialist can work with your materials or, for saving your free time, he can buy everything you need for installation and repair (this time is paid as the usual tariff). Besides, you will not have to wait for him all day long, because the master will arrive at the exact time you told him to.

The Climate Gold Ukraine company offers you a wide range of plumbing works on the territory of Kyiv and Kyiv region. The plumbing works include installation, assembling and dismantling of any sanitary ware.

In our price list you can find the approximate prices for specific services. The final price can be said only after the immediate examination of the work place by our specialist.


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80