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If you repair a room or construct a new building, remember that one of the most important parts of your future comfort living in it is the standard room temperature in any season. Set the proper heating system and forget about the cold in your house.

Since installation of the heating system is the key to warmth and comfort in the house, take care of the quality of its installation. Work only with trusted companies which have all of the necessary licenses for carrying out the installation work.

The Climate Gold Ukraine company is exactly this type of company. Our employees are the best professionals who have a huge experience in this scope.

We can combine the incompatible concepts such as speed and quality. Our company guarantees you that all required tasks will be done qualitatively, according to all standards and as quickly as possible.

By contacting us, you are getting a high-quality service and a guarantee that the installed heating system will work for a very long time, keeping the warmth and the comfort of your house.

Depending on what kind of heating system you want to install, depends the final price of installation.

We are ready to discuss all your preferences and wishes regarding the installation work and to create a rough draft of the system.

All information on the cost of the installation of heating systems and on the proposed equipment is available by the following telephone numbers: (044) 221-03-12; 221-03-14; 529-71-36; 529-69-33.

All works are carried out only on the territory of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80