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If you purchase even the most expensive air conditioner but you do not bother about its proper installation, it is likely that you will face various problems with its work. After all, the statistics of service centers shows that more than 75% of all AC breakdowns occur due to the improper installation and the further exploitation. In order to avoid those breakdowns of purchased device and to save your money, try to contact only the real professionals who know everything about the installation of AC systems.

Only highly qualified technicians work at the Climate Gold Ukraine company. They can install and service all types of air conditioners, as well as to design the most difficult projects. Moreover, our staff will advise you on the correct installation of your device.

We have all required licenses for the installation and we also have the professional climbers, who can install the air conditioner unit even in hard-to-reach spots.

When our installers work in your house, you can be sure that they will do the high-quality installation of your new air conditioner system as soon as possible and they will leave your house in the same condition as it was before their arrival.

Moreover, for the installation of AC units we use only high-quality Italian and German thick-walled copper pipe which can withstand even the highest pressure.

We provide a 2-year installation guarantee! Be sure that after the installation of air conditioner by our specialist, it will serve you for a very long time.

The standard installation of air conditioners includes:

  • the installation of internal and external AC units without using the special equipment or bringing in climbers and automotive platforms;
  • laying the drainage system and freon communications (which length is less than 3 meters) without using any special devices (couplers and fittings), soldering and freon refilling;
  • 60x60 and 16x18 boxes (less than 0.5 meters);
  • the power cable is not longer than 1.5 meters;
  • punching the holes in the wall which thickness is not more than 0.8 meters;
  • connecting the air conditioner to the electrical panel or the wall socket.

We treat all our customers with great care and respect, regardless of whether you have bought an inexpensive air conditioner or ordered a full installation of HVAC system.

The AC breakdown is fraught not only with lots of expenses on repairs but also with the probability of damaging buildings, furniture, office and industrial equipment. That is why, in order to avoid the premature breakdown of your air conditioner, the Climate Gold Ukraine company provides you a maintenance service of all air conditioner units.

The maintenance service is a complex of periodic work which is significantly different from usual repair or guarantee, because of servicing only the operable units in order to ensure the normal mode of its exploitation. The technicians should have certain practical skills and strong theoretical background. Due to using the high-cost diagnostic equipment, the service can be done only by serious and specialized companies.

It is believed that it is necessary to inspect and verify the accuracy of exploitation of the air conditioning system 2 times a year: before the beginning of the season (in the mid-spring) and at the end of the season (in the mid-autumn).

For example, before the start of the season the AC unit has to have a detailed treatment and repair, if necessary. Before the end of the season you should do the preparation of your air conditioner for winter. In this case our specialist can help you to enable the system of “The Winter Start” and protect the external unit from falling snow and icicles.

The service of air conditioners includes the maintenance of internal and external units.

When service of the indoor unit is performed, we:

  • check the equipment operation;
  • check air conditioners in all operating modes;
  • clean inlet and outlet louvers;
  • clean filters, frame and front panel;
  • check the serviceability of display modes, the drainage system and the state of the internal wiring.
  • When service of the outer unit is performed, we:
  • check the coolant in the system;
  • check the serviceability of electrical equipment and the automation of the capacitor unit;
  • check the serviceability of blades of the fan motor condensing unit;
  • check the serviceability of the emergency shutdown system of the compressor;
  • clean the heat exchanger coil and other components of the external unit;
  • check the condition of contacts and insulation resistance of electrical wiring.

Besides all aforesaid, the specialists of the Climate Gold Ukraine company refuel the coolant, clean and replace air filters of air conditioners, heat exchangers of indoor and outdoor units. They can also do the minor repairs (with no replacement parts) and diagnostics.

At the end of the service the technicians do the test run and start up the air conditioner.

Our specialists will find any malfunctions of your device and will give you a report on the ways of their elimination.

All works are carried out only in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

You can find prices for installation and service of all types of air conditioning systems in our price list.

(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80