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Господарська діяльність, пов’язана із створенням об’єктів архітектури (за переліком робіт згідно з додатком)
Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю «КЛІМАТ ГОЛД УКРАЇНА»
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Дата прийняття рішення та номер наказу про видачу ліцензій: 23 травня 2012 р. № 7-Л

Строк дії ліцензії: з 23 травня 2012 р. по 23 травня 2017 р.


The Climate Gold Ukraine company for more than 10 years has been working on designing, selling, installing, servicing and repairing of all types of HVAC systems. With the help of professional climbers or just a ladder, our specialist has managed to install HVAC units even in the hard-to-reach spots. We also offer you services of heating installation and carrying out sanitary ware works.

Everybody knows that the wrong installation of any device leads to its inefficient work or even its breakdown.

Our company has all necessary licenses for carrying out the installation work and can also design even the most difficult projects. For installation we use only high-quality thick-walled copper pipe made in Germany and Italy, which is able to withstand even the highest pressure. Besides, to not spread the dust around the room, our adjusters always use a vacuum cleaner.

Since the correct installation of HVAC systems is quite complicated procedure, when you buy the good product, do not forget to take care of its professional installation. Our high-skilled specialists have really great experience in design and installation of engineering systems and they are always willing to help you.

You get a full warranty on the installation during the guarantee period of the purchased device.

After finishing the project, you can sign the agreement on the technical servicing of the installed item.

Our specialists have all necessary tools and special equipment for servicing and repairing all kinds of products.

We also offer the quick repair of industrial air conditioners. And if your ventilation or heating system needs coolant or filter replacement, if the system has completely stopped working, we offer you repair or maintenance service for resumption of the thermal control of your room.

The philosophy of our company is to provide our clients only with good service and comfort. That is why we treat all our customers with great care and respect, regardless of whether you buy an inexpensive air conditioner or order the full installation of HVAC system.

Furthermore, our plumbers can install any type of sanitary ware items. They can quickly and efficiently solve any issue related to the malfunction of sanitary ware.

We have all required authorizations for carrying out the plumbing work and our staff has technical basis for works of any complexity.

We offer the 1-year installation warranty.

For your comfort, you can make a call to our company and ask the specialist to come to your house. The price of the call across Kyiv is 100 UAH, across Kyiv region is 150 UAH.

We offer 2 types of payment options: per hour (convenient during simple work) and fixed (convenient during complex work which requires highly skilled masters or a long time).

The cost of 1 hour of work is 90 UAH.

Minimum order is 2 hours, i.e. 180 UAH.

If you choose the fixed payment, you should negotiate with master about the amount of work that needs to be done and its deadline.

To find out about the price of the particular work, please contact our manager and describe your problem.

All works are carried out only on the territory of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80


(044) 285-25-80